A film by Sparkwork

WLR 002

released 01 April 2015

Written by Lidh
Produced by Jamie Watson & The Phoenix
Recorded at Chamber Studio, Edinburgh
Mastered by Reuben Taylor
Engineered by Graeme Young

Mandolin + Vox – Lidh… Drums & keyboards – The Phoenix… Lap Steel – G.A. Keen… Acoustic Guitar – Jamie Watson… Bass Guitar – Spark A…

Peace, Now

This video was drawn and filmed over three days in the boiler space of my attic. It is posted today in memory of my Auntie Mairi, who wrote the words, and her wee boy, my cousin Finn, who was only able to join us in the world for a short time on the 25th May, 2002.



The next Lidh video is another collaboration with the incredible Sparkwork, and has been a real labour of love. It accompanies the song ‘Peace, Now’, and I’ll be sharing it with you all tomorrow…


‘Quite at Ease’

This video is full of my family’s old cine-footage, and after a year in which so much has changed, it seemed right to use it now. Big thank you to Sparkwork, who has done a sterling job, as ever, of arranging the footage in such a poignant way. I hope and think that it will resonate with some, especially at this time of year. The song itself was recorded at Chamber Studio, produced by Jamie Watson with the Phoenix and Lidh, and engineered by Graeme Young. It features the musical talents of RM Hubbert, Gordon Keen, Raymond Boyle, Pete Harvey, Luke Sutherland and my dear Faither. I do hope you enjoy, and a very Happy New Year to all x

copyright lidhmusic 2014


Here it is folks, the video for Rockpool Hospital!

I had the most amazing three days in Norway. It was crazy, jam-packed, hilarious, emotional and totally inspiring. It was an honour and a pleasure to work with all of these incredibly talented people on this video. I am eternally grateful to them!

Directed by Dave King
Cinematography by Carl J Nesset
Produced & edited by Dave King & Carl J Nesset
Animation design by Iris Abols.
Animated by Iris Abols & Steven Midtgård
2nd unit camera & Steadicam by Lars Nikolay Riksheim
Additional post production by Torjus Førre Erfjord @ Raindog Studios
Projections by Ilja Badulin & Anja Malec
Track written by Lidh
Produced by Jamie Watson, The Phoenix and Lidh
Thanks to: Marthe Osmundsen, Stein-Christian Fagerbakken, Helga Fjeldså, Gunnar Karstensen, Martin Foldal, Martin Sørvold, Simen Manseth Rebbestad, Karl Erik Rønnestad, Lasse Bryggmann, Thorvald Nilsen, Reidulf Botn, Steinar Høydal, Gaute Hareide, Gunnar Strøm, Jan Ole Bolsø, Dag Svein Roland, Antonella Fulci, Mikk Mägi, Andres Mänd, Sverre Liestøl & Volda University College, Gordon Keen and The Lawrence Clan.
© 2013 lidhmusic

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